By Cat Dean

    $1,800.00 AUD

    'Divine Uprising' reminiscent of 'Midsommar', captures a surreal, haunting beauty. Like the film's folk horror, it explores the ethereal and unsettling. The goddess' face echoes Midsommar's themes of cultic allure, where beauty intertwines with an undercurrent of eeriness. The sleepy yet sparkling eyes reflect the dual nature of the film's rituals—tranquil yet disquieting. The hands crawling up, almost like vines, evoke the entwining relationships in 'Midsommar', where connections bear both comfort and unease.
    The merging hands forming a crown mirror 'Midsommar's' themes of hierarchy within the commune. The scattered roses and flowers symbolize the duality of nature in both your artwork and the film—breathtaking yet concealing darker truths.
    The wind-blown hair and clouds add a sense of movement and mystery, akin to 'Midsommar's' atmospheric tension. The greyscale palette intensifies the surreal, dreamlike quality, paralleling the film's visually arresting yet disturbing scenes..

    700 x 500mm

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