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A Mother’s Milk Mural - Work in Progress!

1st July, 2014, By La Fleur

Not only does 'A Mother's Milk' have coffee that is the bomb diggity here in Unley but they will soon have a new mural running down the side of their fabulous cafe!

CWR and Tarns gave it that cool blue abstract with birds in suits..this time the guys are working with warmer colours to get us through this cold winter and a vintage theme for the owners Stef and Christina who love vintage motor cycles.

Battling with the miserable weather Tarns has been working on this over the last two weeks and it's nearly finished, we will pray to the rain gods to hold off from the heavy downpour for just a few more days...

In the meantime here's a teaser shot of the wall, if you're in the area check this out in person these guys work cannot be fully appreciated unless you have seen it with your very own eyes.

Call us if you want to give your business a makeover too!

Call us if you want to give your business a makeover too!
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