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Saturday 25th October, 2014, by La Fleur

Today, one of the in house artists at Cold Krush, Fleur, facilitated an aerosol workshop. Today's workshop gave the participants new skills about can cantrol, and how the brands of spray paint operate with different caps used. 

Many brands that are on the market specialise in Canvas work and Mural work.  There are plenty of caps on the market too! The different caps for the spraycans are on a scale for Skinny/Thin (for more detailed work) to Extra Fat (to fill in larger areas quickly). We understand that some people may find, at first, this type of art form to be challenging. To start off with we begin the workshop with an introduction to all the aeorsol paint stocked at Cold Krush and the different caps you can use for the different cans. We personally love the Montana level caps, Grey hoods and the classic NY Fat cap, our particpants fell in love with these pretty quickly too.

If your interested in taking part in Cold Krush's next workshop, mark your calanders for the Summer Holidays as there will likely be a workshop then, or to secure your place now please register your interest by contacting us to ensure you're kept up to date with any news for our next Aerosol Workshops.

Fleur was so happy to have kicked some knowledge to these particpants today, and we all really hope they continue their artistic endeavours as they are all very gifted and natural born sprayers!

Interested?... Click here for more info!

Interested?... Click here for more info!
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