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Artist's #25 Nasty Artists (CWR, Tarns & Orbs)

The Nasty Artists crew started in 1991 by ‘RANK – The Mad Crusher’. At the height of his career he was known as one of the best graffiti writers in Australia (predominately from ‘87-‘91). The crew are notorious for pushing their styles to the limits. Each member has a definitive strength that compliments one another. They have done it all from bombing insides to large scale productions. The crew consists of ‘TIPER’, ‘PINE’, ‘ENDS’, ‘FANTEM’, ‘CHEK’, ‘JUMBLE’, ‘OKUR’, ‘RANK’, ‘TARNS’, ‘ORBS’, ‘MONK’. This historic crew are made up of many talented individuals and we are pleased to have three of its members participating in ‘PRISM’.

CWR has been involved in the South Australian Graffiti Art Movement and creating public art murals for well over 20 years. Well known for his highly stylized figurative based works, he continues to push the boundaries in his preferred fields of graphic, fine and aerosol arts all the while maintaining a natural organic approach.

Orbs, Adelaide born and based StyleWriter, has been painting with aerosol since 98-99. He focuses on the manipulation of letters, the heart and soul of aerosol art. He is persuing his passion for Art by undertaking a bachelor of visual art at Adelaide University. He is also an apprentice tattooist at Keystone Creative located in Blackwood, Adelaide.

Tarns (The one who freaks the funk), has been painting graffiti since 1987 and is best known for his ability to perpetually reinvent his style, all the while preserving the more traditional elements of the art. This has made him an icon in graffiti culture. Tarns now divides his time between his family, operating Cold Krush Store/Gallery and his art.


Artist #24 Gabriel Cole aka Pirate Material

It is not often that you come across a young professional runner who shares a passion in creative arts and athletics.

Born with a partially formed arm, Gab competes in the T46 classification (arm amputees) 100 metres. In 2010 Gab was selected to compete in the Commonwealth Games at the tender age of 18, the London Paralympics in 2012 and won a silver medal at the 2013 world championship in Lyon for the 100m T46 category.

And that’s not all, Gabs artistic ability goes unnoticed, his unique style using acrylic paints (mainly pastel colors) and black and white is presented onto skateboard decks, and various paper sizes. Gab signs his work with alter ego ‘Pirate Material’ (Inspired from ‘The Streets). Pirate material describes his artwork as observations through a child’s eyes. Meaning all the subjects are very simple and bold, Gabriel also restricts him self to no shading and 2d form, working only through shapes. In early 2013 Gabriel held a sold out show at R.H.D on Ebenezer place selling out in less than two hours.

Upcoming projects from Pirate Material include a tee shirt and deck release, various art shows and a collaborative artist journal zine with Henry Steinford under 1LOVEADL.

Pirate Material Tumblr

Pirate Material Tumblr


Artist #23 Jonathan Guthmann

Jonathan Guthmann is an Australian artist currently based in Melbourne.

He predominantly works in the fields of painting, drawing and printing that extends multiple generations into his family history originating from the upper parts of Bavaria, Germany.

"My father migrated to Australia in 1958, and I was born in Sydney, 1980. He being an artist himself, so far back as I can recall there was always the presence of art in my life. In some respects it is something that has always come somewhat naturally to me, something I’ve just always done, having begun to “create” at about the age of 7. I started out with graphite drawing and continued to use this as my sole medium until my later teenage years when I began to branch out into the use of other mediums. Today these include oil paints, oil pastels, pigmented inks, graphite, pen."

"Because my art has conveyed so many different things at different times over the years, to describe the nature of my work as an artist is somewhat difficult. In one sense it is simply the visual aspect of my personal search for self-understanding, but it is also much more than that. My work also is a personal attempt to address the great, perennial and ubiquitous questions that life offers us, such as all those which pertain to God or some “Great Other”, questions pertaining to life beyond death, the existence, nature, origins and future of the human soul, the enigma of suffering, and the uncharted world of the human subconscious."

"For this reason, particularly with work created within the last seven years or so, one will often find it  saturated with archetypical imagery, and with esoteric, metaphysical, mythical and religious iconography. My imagery borrows heavily from the worlds of the esoteric and mythical because the forms, ideas and symbols with which they are embedded describe man’s relentless quest to find and to create meaning for himself. Symbols, particularly those we find in these “systems” describe his attempt to address and to comprehend the great mysteries of nature and of being."

Jonathan Guthmann's website

Jonathan Guthmann's website


Artist #22 NEW2

New2 began painting in Australia in the early 1980s. He is an early member of the Da Mad Artists (DMA) crew who were prominent figures in Melbourne's seminal train writing movement.

New2 is still painting on walls, trains and also investigates other areas of his creative field, utilizing paper collage, ceramic versions of his lettering, and wooden sculptures. He has exhibited in both group and solo shows in Australia, United States and Europe.

Whilst his outdoor wall pieces are visually modern and progressive, his work respects the ongoing tradition of letter writing.

New2 is currently working on paper collages for upcoming U.S. shows, exploring techniques to hand print an upcoming book of his artwork and writing material for his most recent band.

New2's Blog Link!

New2's Blog Link!

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Artist #21 Mankitya

Mankitya also known as 3rd degree, is a 22 year old Aboriginal Dot Painter/Graffiti artist from the northern suburbs of Adelaide, South Australia.

He has been painting this style of art since 2009. His graffiti is Heavily influenced by his Aboriginal roots.

Mankitya's Facebook Page!

Mankitya's Facebook Page!


Artist #20 OMAR

Omar is an artist from Adelaide, South Australia.

He started painting in 2001, discovering his love for graffiti whilst skateboarding daily through Honeysuckle Lane in Prospect. There he was exposed to an array from Adelaide’s finest.

You will find Omar pieces on the Outer Harbour line mostly around the Bowden/Brompton area.  

His major influences are crews such as TDC, RCF, and FYC.


Artist #19 MASIKA TDC

Masika TDC started his love for graffiti after he started breaking in 1982.  In 1983 he met another breaker from Gawler who was also was getting up and peiced in the north of Adelaide on the Gawler line. Masika was living in the Riverland at the time (Country SA) and stayed with his new breaker/writer friend for a couple of weeks. During this time he was introduced to a Young but highly influential writer called Xta-c. He showed Masika the ropes, and Masika fell in love straight away and has been painting ever since.

Masika joined the crew 'TDC' in 1989 after moving to Adelaide from Berri. One of Masika's influences for his artwork, to this day, is surrealism and artist Salvador Dali after being told his work looked very surreal in nature from fellow crew member Perish.

Masika started tattooing in 1998 and has just opened a studio in Blackwood, South Australia. Other than tattooing his studio offers different kind of art related services, murals, paintings, illustration and much more.

His greatest influences in graffiti would be Ces fx. Kab TDC. Punch Wca. and Hex from LA.

Keystone Creative Facebook Page!

Keystone Creative Facebook Page!
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