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Artist #14 STORE - Toy Soldiers Crew

STORE is a distribution point for the creative energies that continue to evolve in the human consciousness ...
this kid also reps his crew TOYSOLDIERS and his hometown ADL5000 to the fullest :




Artist #13 FREDROCK

Fredrock, along with other members, form the Adelaide city renowned TOY SOLIDERS collective.

From 3D lettering, B-Boy Creatures, large scale productions and advanced shading techniques, Fredrock over time has become respected by the public and his peers.  Having travelled and painted worldwide a number of times, Fredrock likes to keep to his roots and support the local scene building on what he likes to call "Adelaide Pride."

Fredrock's Facebook Link!

Fredrock's Facebook Link!


Artist #12 JAY MEDLEN

Jay Medlen is an up and coming stencil artist from Adelaide, South Australia.

His style has progressed from predominantly grey scale to incorporate a new colour and texture palate. His work involves varying subject matter from hip-hop portraiture and femme fatales to inspirational landscapes and classic street scenes.

Medlen grew up in a community that encouraged his artistic skills from a young age, with more than twenty years experience with multiple creative styles, this fresh face to the stencil scene shows considerable natural talent and has a unique foresight for the genre.

Jay's Facebook Page!

Jay's Facebook Page!


Artist #11 Rotten Fantom

Rotten Fantom is a project of two artists: Helen from Saint Petersburg and Waldez from Moscow.

The dynamic duo do surreal, horror and mystical black and white drawing. Chief idea laying in Rotten Fantom’s art is to reflect natural forces’ never ending cycle of decay and resurrection.

They bridge cosmic gaps between human, beasts and plant worlds researching the borders between life and death in quest for proto-entities behind dead and living matter. Every work of art is the result of trance, mystic sacrifice, helping to approach the state behind conditions of life and death, future and past, personality and absolute, when all dead and living create the unique canvas of existence. The purpose is to behold Great Spirit’s embroidery on that canvas.

Rotten Fantom's Website!

Rotten Fantom's Website!

Posted 9 February 2014 in:  Artwork, Exhibitions, General News

Here’s Johnny!..


Hey Folks, we have been working tirelessly to give you the latest on who wlll be featured at our upcoming exhibition "PRISM"

We know so far, the artists who we have mentioned have made the hairs on the back of your neck stand up but...there is always something lurking around the corner and we like to keep you gripping with suspense.

We have just realised that we haven't released what the concept is for these thrilling artists. This exhibition is going to be blood-tingling so don't let our horror movie puns persude you otherwise, like any good horror flick there's always a twist and the plot thickens....

EXHIBITION OPEN: 21st of Feb - 16th of March 2014


Artist #10 SYNC

Sync was born and raised in Adelaide, South Australia. At the beginning of Sync's artistic career he was heavily into doing sticker art. He started doing stencils in 1996 in Adelaide to help himself mass-produce stickers. While working as a bike courier he became very familiar with all the back-alleys and side streets. All he did for a period of some years was create stickers and take them out to the streets.

Sync spent some time in Melbourne where he was just as driven. Although he had been producing street art for a number of years, it wasn't until 2003 that Sync started making multi-layered stencils. While in Melbourne Sync became a member of the world famous Everfresh Studio.

Sync and the rest of the Everfresh Studio painted a large mural on a wall in Fitzroy from February 2009 to September 2009. The mural is on the wall of the Nightcat bar, and brands the suburb with "Welcome to Sunny Fitzroy, Everfresh".

Sync is featured in The Everfresh Black Book published by Miegunyah Press, released August 2010. His work also appeared in the documentary film, Rash (2005), Australia's first feature documentary film on street art and graffiti. The film explores the cultural value of street art and graffiti in Australia.

Sync was included in "Space Invaders", an exhibition of renowned and respected Australian street artists, which showed at the National Gallery of Australia. The works now form part of the NGA's own collection and toured nationally over the following two years.

Everfresh Studio Website Link!

Everfresh Studio Website Link!


Artist# 9 Fletch Cuts

Adelaide Represents with another local artist Fletch Cuts. Fletch works works with hand cut stencils, acrylics, oils, aerosol, inks and pastels.

Fletch has easily managed to bridge gaps between mediums with no formal art training. Works including the human face and form and its expressions, to animals and distortions. A 2012 Australian StencilArt Prize finalist, his attention to detail is evident in the clean lines and crisp feel to his multi layered stencil pieces.

Recently his cutting skills have been under the microscope, almost literally. His micro portraits are small enough to fit on a dollar coin, using only spray cans and often consisting of seven to ten layers. His meticulous brush work in various mediums shows an artist very much in control of his craft.

Fletch is definitely an artist to keep your eye on, his work is constantly progressing in unpredictable yet truthful directions

Fletch's Facebook Link!

Fletch's Facebook Link!
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