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Artist #20 OMAR

Omar is an artist from Adelaide, South Australia.

He started painting in 2001, discovering his love for graffiti whilst skateboarding daily through Honeysuckle Lane in Prospect. There he was exposed to an array from Adelaide’s finest.

You will find Omar pieces on the Outer Harbour line mostly around the Bowden/Brompton area.  

His major influences are crews such as TDC, RCF, and FYC.


Artist #19 MASIKA TDC

Masika TDC started his love for graffiti after he started breaking in 1982.  In 1983 he met another breaker from Gawler who was also was getting up and peiced in the north of Adelaide on the Gawler line. Masika was living in the Riverland at the time (Country SA) and stayed with his new breaker/writer friend for a couple of weeks. During this time he was introduced to a Young but highly influential writer called Xta-c. He showed Masika the ropes, and Masika fell in love straight away and has been painting ever since.

Masika joined the crew 'TDC' in 1989 after moving to Adelaide from Berri. One of Masika's influences for his artwork, to this day, is surrealism and artist Salvador Dali after being told his work looked very surreal in nature from fellow crew member Perish.

Masika started tattooing in 1998 and has just opened a studio in Blackwood, South Australia. Other than tattooing his studio offers different kind of art related services, murals, paintings, illustration and much more.

His greatest influences in graffiti would be Ces fx. Kab TDC. Punch Wca. and Hex from LA.

Keystone Creative Facebook Page!

Keystone Creative Facebook Page!


Artist #18 SIRUMvsVENOM

Sirum is from Melbourne, Australia. He started painting in '96 but it wasn't until '98 that he decided to take graffiti on a serious note. 

Sirum quickly became addicted to the letter form and thus it became the most important aspect in his works - not technique but style. Ten years later nothing has changed - he's still a slave to the letter. He is also apart of the Ironlak family.

Sirum's Website!

Sirum's Website!


Artist #17 FLEUR OFK

Fleur is an artist from Adelaide, South Australia.

She was first inspired by noticing Tense 73A tags in the area she grew up in, and pieces by Tarns RCF and the Nasty Arts Crew. Also riding the Outer Harbour and Belair Train lines, watching Style Wars, and checking out the latest burners at Sturt Creek (Adelaide’s largest legal wall).

At 17, Fleur finally picked up the can for the first time and was surprised at how well she could control it. A trip to Melbourne followed, which changed everything when she had her first taste of hitting steel.

Nowadays she spends her time furthering her artistic flair by undertaking studies at Adelaide University and working part time as one of the team at Cold Krush Store/Gallery. She also writes with her crew ‘Overdue Funk’.

Fleur's Artwork Link!

Fleur's Artwork Link!

Posted 14 February 2014 in:  Artwork, Exhibitions, General News
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Artist #16 EPYK BG

Epyk grew up riding the trains and getting up on the Gawler Line, in Adelaide, South Australia. 

He started his graffiti career in 1987-88. He spends his time now focusing on commissioned art, exhibiting, installations and rocking walls with his crew 'Battle Ground'.

Posted 14 February 2014 in:  Artwork, Exhibitions, General News
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Artist #15 SABETH

Sabeth is a renown graffiti writer who hails from Melbourne, Australia. He has been writing for over two decades and his work can be found in spots around Melbourne. He is another one of the many artists to have works featured at 'PRISM'. Check our exclusive interview with Sabeth:

Q.1 - Who are your major influences?
Definitely the people I paint with regularly. Also the artists out there that take things a little further than the normal 3 colour fade and an arrow. Oldschool writers that have kept on going and keep switching their art up,  progressing with the times.

Q.2 - What's your favorite memory so far throughout your graffiti career?
Aeroglyphics Festival in Perth, 1995. It was hot, there was plenty of paint and an awesome line up of graffiti writers from around Australia as well as Gor FBI, Mode2 and Loomit from overseas.It was a great week with a lot of great artists. Most of my favorite memories are related to meeting other artists from Austraila and abroad. It's always intriguing to know someones work and then meet them, put a face to the style.

Q.3 - Next big Project?
Individually it's been a quiet start to the year, art wise for me. SafeHouse Studio, which I am apart of, recently won a grant through one of the local councils to paint a large 110mtr wall. So there will be quite a lot of time involved in rolling out this project and a good start to the year for the Studio.

Q.4 - What are some of the exhibitions you have featured in the past?
It's only in the past few of years that I had ever considered artworks for exhibitions. A couple of the first exhibitions I put work into were at Per Square Metre. One called Shady Pasts which was a group show consisting of artworks on light/lamp shades. I thought this was a cool idea for a show.
The other group show was Skins & Sharpies at Per Square Metre. I had a solo exhibition in 2011 tilted S4BE7H EXHIBITION at Giant Store and Gallery, Collingwood, Melbourne. SABETH & FRAME 'EMPHATIC HIEROGLYPHS' exhibition 2012 at Revolver, Prahran, Melbourne. SafeHouse Studio, studio show 2012 at Revolver, Prahran, Melbourne. Discombobulate group show 2012 at Cold Krush, Adelaide.

Q.5 - What inspired you to first pick up the can?
I was writing my name in the local park with a grade 6 friend long before I realised what graffiti was. I would ride my BMX along the railway lines adjacent to my house and look at all the colourful paintings, seeing what's new and I was in total awe of how they had been painted.
Most of the stations along my line had great pieces painted on them. Traveling from Caulfield into Richmond and then out through Burnley on my way to school took in a large amount of major walls that most of the mid 80's pioneers had pieces on. Artists and crews such as Gaza, Jay, Prime, Zone, Idsme, Jive, Haze, Beware, TWB, USA, NHA, FMC. These writers and crews who's art I was seeing in my travels defiantly inspired me to move from little texta scrawls in the park to picking up the can and having a crack.

Sabeth's Blog!

Sabeth's Blog!

Posted 13 February 2014 in:  Artwork, Exhibitions, General News
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So folks, with just over a week to go we are getting ready for the opening of 'PRISM'.

We are so pleased to give you the opportunity over the past couple of weeks to get to know a little bit about some of the artists involved, and there are still more to come but be patient we like to keep you in suspense!

Now is no better time than to announce the Artist concept, if the name 'PRISM' hasn't already given you an idea the concept is 'Colour'.  For this show participating artist’s have been limited with the brief, outlining that they are to select one colour that is only to be used in conjunction with black, white and grey.

If that doesn't excite you already we have more news to drop!

We are pleased to announce the folks who have jumped on board with us to make sure this opening night will be one night to remember:

MOLOTOW AUSTRALIA: Sponsoring the paint for the Backwall Mural - for those who frequent exhibitions' at Cold Krush you would know that there is always some freshfunk painted to add to the zest of the show.

LONGVIEW WINERY: Local family owned Australian vineyard located just outside the historic township of Macclesfield in the Adelaide Hills.

CUBANEY RUM: Family based business bringing you some of the world's finest rums from the Caribbean, South and Central America.

And... we can't forget the soundscapes will be provided by local DJ’s who always bring that flavour to your ear...

Artwork will be availible to purchase from our website so be sure to check back after the opening night. People who can't make it to the opening 'PRISM' will remain open the entire length of the Adelaide Fringe (Closing: 16th of March, 2014).

Krink Molotow Montana Cans Spanish Montana
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